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Toward Mag is a FREE digital magazine. As a designer I meet so many wonderful business women who have so much to share! So, I've decided to capture it all and package it up into a little digital magazine to help share the love and wisdom. 


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Toward is jam packed with tips for you and your business!

You'll learn and you'll grow. 
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Our latest issue - #5

Issue #5 - Our writers


Angela Gallo inspires us with her passion and guts as she shares her business journey and her secrets to success. 

Angela Gallo is a Melbourne dwelling, heart beaming, money making, feminist passionista who works closely with maternal industry professionals looking to amalgamate purpose & profit. In January she is launching her sister company, Strategy & Soul, a content creation agency geared towards birth pros looking to leverage their personalities and passion.

Tash Spencer shares with us how we can successfully navigate our business through big life transitions.

Tash Spencer is a life coach and writer for young women. She loves supporting twenty-somethings (and beyond) to go after what they truly want in their relationships, careers and lives without being so darn hard on themselves. Her online space encourages women to course correct and transition towards a life that feels more meaningful to them – gently, joyously, unapologetically and at their own pace and speed.

Maria Bellissimo Magrin shares how we can get greater business exposure from writing as a guest blogger.

Attitude helps. Maria Bellissimo-Magrin wouldn’t have become the CEO of full-service creative marketing agency Belgrin without it. While you’ll never hear her claiming to be a creative genius, with such a fantastic team at Belgrin backing her, it doesn’t take long for her clients to start throwing this term around. Offering the perfect blend of design, PR & social media, Maria lives and breathes her passion for creative marketing.

Roz Campbell inspires us as she shares her exciting and tough journey of heading up social enterprise - Tsuno.

Roz Campbell is the visionary behind social enterprise, Tsuno. Tsuno sells sustainable bamboo sanitary pads that not only look incredibly cute but donate 50% of profits to charities that focus on education and support for disadvantaged women.  She’s studied Industrial Design at RMIT and is an advocate for opening up the dialogue on women and their periods. 


Jacqui Naunton sheds some light on how we can take steps towards getting a business brand we can be proud of. 

Jacqui Naunton is a passionate graphic designer loving all things pretty and practical. She runs her own business, White Deer, from rural Victoria servicing talented business ladies from around the state, the country and the globe. She’s the editor and designer of Toward Mag - helping women in business rise to their full potential.



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I don’t even have the words to express how I feel not only seeing my article in print but the collection of stories you’ve pulled together in your first issue.
I’m emotional, grateful, excited, inspired - there is no one word to describe the journey you take people on from first page to (sadly) last page.
This is such an amazing launch issue. I love it!!
— Kimberley Furness, Write Style Communications
Wow Jacqui! Toward magazine is so beautifully designed & full of so much business wisdom and inspo. Thank you so much for cheering up my inbox with your gorgeous digital mag!
— Anna Dower,