Hello, I'm Jacqui

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Who doesn't love having a good stalk at the face behind a business? So, I thought I should make that nice and easy for you! 

When people ask me what my job is, I say...
"graphic design." 
When people ask me what my hobbies are...I say,
"graphic design." 
When they ask if I have any other hobbies...I say,
"nope, that's it."

So, that's me. A *slightly* design obsessed graphic designer. 

11-year-old me. Into taking photos and drawing letters. Right on the cusp of discovering my love of graphic design.

11-year-old me. Into taking photos and drawing letters. Right on the cusp of discovering my love of graphic design.

I've been designing since I was an early teenager and saw a need online to help less design-saavy people out with my own *not-so-great* design skills. I was using MS Paint! But look, practice makes perfect and by the time I got to university several years later I was ready to take on the world. 

Fast forward 5 years from graduating with my Bachelor of Graphic Design and I absolutely love running my graphic design business full time as I work with women all over Australia and the world to create a brand they can be truely proud of. I wouldn't have it any other way!


White Deer is a business I run from my home in Bendigo, rural Victoria. I share an office with my wonderful husband and no, surprisingly we don't get sick of each other!

I love helping others, looking at pretty colours, encouraging young people and loving everyone around me as much as God has loved me. I believe life is more than money and work and that we all have the responsibility to live selflessly - because if we're all selfless everyone is looked after.


Design for me is a way to put my little mark on the world. To help a client grow their business to attract their ideal client. To watch a client's business grow from a start-up, into a huge success as they follow their passion and take risks. 

I know that hiring a designer is a risk, but if you're willing, I know you and your business won't regret it. What would life be without a couple of risks anyway, hey? 

My favourite part about my job is sending off a design to a client only to receive a reply of ecstatic excitement and joy. Knowing I've been able to bring someone's vision to life in a way that sparks happiness and enthusiasm just makes my day. Every. Single. Time.


You may have seen some of my other projects (a business woman has to keep herself busy right?!). I collate and design a free business and branding eMagazine for ladies in business. No opt-in, just easy reading here.

I also have created my own little product or two. It's targeted at women (obviously!) who are ready to shake things up in life. It's called FireUpp! and it's a 4 part gift pack (or separate). My favourite part is the 15-set of inspirational cards - they're just gorgeous!! It also comes with a USB full of super helpful files, photos and printables, a handmade necklace and a pencil-case to keep it all together. 

THEN, you may have seen a glimpse of my other business? (Two businesses, am I crazy!? I hear ya.) I’ve partenered with my beautiful friend, Fideliz Cruz, to create Wild Lily Resources - where we produce Christian resources! Eeek. We create products to help people draw closer to God. To equip them, encourage them and help them grow. You can buy any of our products here (free postage within Australia) xx

But anyway! I think that's all you need to know for now. If you're still interested in having a chat to me, I'm right here.