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DIY Design My Biz

A 4-week all-inclusive course to inspire and guide you to create your own banging business brand that will set your biz up for super success and attract killer clients.

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 4 weeks to transform your business into an IRRESISTIBLE and BEAUTIFUL client magnet.



💸 Wanting an AMAZING brand but don’t have the money to invest in a designer (just yet).

🤷‍♀️ Confused about where even to start with your business's brand. You know you want be look totally professional and attract your dream client but don’t have the skills to get there.

😩 Frustrated that you can’t get anything to look “just right” - no matter how much you fiddle!

🎁 Want to put your amazing offering/s into the world but can’t translate your content into a deliverable product.

🙈 Embarrassed about how your biz looks.

💃 Ready to get your business out there to the world, looking its absolute finest!



💅 Proud as punch
of your brand. Directing people to your website, socials and flinging out business cards left, right and centre! #Ilookamazing

👩‍🎨 Confident in the skills you have to create ANYTHING your biz needs.

🐝 Attracting ideal clients from miles away who see your brand and want YOU.

👄 Showing up and creating content for your audience that connects and communicates JUST what they need.

💻 Creating content for your social media, website and workshops in a quarter of the time from your own computer!

 Good design has the power to scream to your ideal client, “PICK ME!!”


Let’s see…

🐣 You’re in the early (or pre!) stages of your biz and aren’t quite happy with how your brand looks (if you even have one!)

⏰ You identify as someone who has more time resources than cash (otherwise you’d be hiring me!)

👩‍💻 You know how to send emails and skype your bestie…AKA. You know how to use a computer.

🌏 You’re a service based biz who focuses your energy more in the online space (rather than physical/printed goods).

💕 You have some idea of what you like. You might not know what design exactly your biz needs but you could at least tell me your current fav colour.

✨ You dream of a business you are proud of and attracts all your ideal clients.  

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This all-inclusive 4-week course includes:

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Instant access to a carefully curated journaling workbook to help you tap into what your brand could be: who you are and how you want to be known.

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Live workshops for each module unlocked weekly where I’ll teach you ALL you need to know for the weeks lessons PLUS ask any of your questions.

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In-depth workbooks that accompany each lesson breaking down EVERYTHING you’ll need to create your own banging brand.

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Practical tools to help you work through the content for yourself (think questionnaires, quizzes, checklists, templates and cheat sheets!).

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Bonus video tutorials to make sure you have really nailed some of the practical skills of creating a design.

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A Private Facebook Group where you’ll have access to me (Jacqui!) and a bunch of ladies on the same journey!

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PLUS a A HUGE range of bonuses and extra templates (more on that soon!). You are gonna absolutely love em!

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AND for the first few ladies to sign up you’ll be receiving a special little welcome pack posted to your door!



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I’m not just going to teach you how to create “pretty” designs that are just copying the latest trends.
You’ll learn how to create designs that connect to your target audience and show them how amazing you are.
Step-by-step until you are a DIY designing pro!

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Tie Your Laces First: Basics of design and branding

In module 1 we’ll be learning all about what makes a good design! I want to make sure you feel confident in what you are creating and know that it will work and SUCCEED (and that’s it’s not just “pretty” – though we’ll do that too!!).

You’ll work out who your target audience is so that you can intentionally connect with them. I’ll also outline everything you’ll need to know to make the most out of this course. Then we’ll move on to finding out what makes a brand good and how you can find your own voice in the midst of your field.

Live Workshop Monday 4th November (with lifetime replay and access)


The Main Event: Designing your perfect logo

Once we’ve set the foundation we’ll move on to Module 2! It’s time to really learn about the WHAT. We’ll look at the 5 keys to logo design as well as learning all about copyright, trademarking, file types, and finding YOUR brand. THEN we’ll create you logo! Ahhhh, this is one of my fav modules. You can take a hold of your own brand – from brainstorming, to creation, to execution.

Live Workshop Monday 11th November (with lifetime replay and access)



The Backup Dancers: Nutting out the rest of your brand

In Module 3 we’ll look into fleshing out the rest of your brand. We’ll choose what imagery you’ll need, different illustrations or patterns and create your very own brand style guide...that way you’ll be EQUIPPED to perfectly create any graphics you’ll want going into the future.

Live Workshop Monday 18th November (with lifetime replay and access)



Putting It All Together

And finally, Module 4. You get to take everything you’ve learned and put it into practice.

I’ll teach you all the basics around creating designs for print and teach you how to design your own business card and flyer/brochure. Then, we’ll get onto the social media side of things – from creating templates for your Insta/Facebook posts, to Instagram stories and highlights and Facebook covers. Plus, there’s a few cheeky bonus tools and tips! Then, we’ll step through creating (and installing) your email signature and designing your website banner AND and your very own eBook or Optin.

And, as we wrap things up I’ll give you some tips on how to find the right designer for you! Afterall, once you’ve finished this course you’ll have a thriving business the cash to hire someone to do all the hard work for you #bossbabe.

The cost of good design (usually) 

Graphic design is no small to do it yourself in the early stages if money is an issue is a REALLY good idea.
So, let’s do the math! How much does decent branding actually cost? We’ll use these figures as a rough ballpark (something pretty standard and on the cheaper end of the scale).

$1,000 for a brand design (logo and brand style guide).
$150 for business card design.
$200 for postcard design.
$80 per social media post design.
$150 for Instagram highlight design.
$150 for Facebook cover design.
$150 for email signature design.
$150 for website banner design.
$250 for small eBook design.

 Soooo, that’s a good range of things you’ll need in the early stages of your biz…so, as a minimum you’re looking at $2,280 to invest in graphic design. $2,280!?!? Just for design!? Yes. And design is important! So, you can’t really avoid it.

BUT, here’s the good news: ALL of those things listed above you’ll learn how to do in this course. (Plus the skills to create more). You can create your own graphics, on-demand, for free.


Why do I need good design?

Whether you buy this course or not I need you to know why design matters. I’ve built my career around providing good design and it’s coz I believe in it. Truly.


DIY Design My Biz is worth $2,699 but I want it to be accessible to YOU.

I want this to be something ALL women can access and utilise to get their biz off the ground and THRIVING...without taking out a loan!





PAY IN FULL (Best Value!):
$299AUD once-off

What’s included:

A value-packed 4-week course to help you fully create your own brand from scratch.

Lifetime access to all the program content.

Instant access to the “On-Brand” journalling workbook.

4 LIVE (and replay) workshops.

4 in-depth and practical workbooks (including quizzes, checklists, tutorials and more!)

Additional videos throughout the course to accompany the workbook.

A Private Facebook community with access to me (Jacqui) and community support.

An amazing range of bonuses (valued at over $500AUD)!


3 x $120

3 monthly payments of $120 AUD ($360 total)

What’s included:

A value-packed 4-week course to help you fully create your own brand from scratch.

Lifetime access to all the program content.

Instant access to the “On-Brand” journalling workbook.

4 LIVE (and replay) workshops.

4 in-depth and practical workbooks (including quizzes, checklists and more!).

Additional videos throughout the course to accompany the workbook.

A Private Facebook community with access to me (Jacqui) and community support.

An amazing range of bonuses (valued at over $500AUD)!


EARLY BIRD offer closes November 1st 11:59pm AEDT.
Price will then increase to $349 or 3x$150.



Hello! I’m Jacqui. I love slushies, good food, warm summer nights, pretty pictures and seeing people flourish doing what they love (that last one’s a little deep but it’s true!).

I’ve been working my whole career with women in small business as their spunky graphic designer... Watching their crazy, passion-fuelled ideas grow into a fully fledged and successful businesses.

I’ve helped them flesh out their brain waves, their target audience and their business needs to create branding and graphics that connect with their audience and SELL. I’ve had HUNDREDS of happy clients work with me because I GET and UNDERSTAND small business. I am one. And I love serving them. I love serving you.

Got questions? Let’s chat! Email me at and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can.

 In 4 short weeks you could:

Quit… 🙅‍♀️

  • Being one step behind your fav businesses and their perfect designs.

  • Wasting time going round and round in circles trying (and failing) to get your designs quite right. 

  • Losing money on designs that (right now) you need to invest elsewhere. 

  • Doubting yourself and your ideas around design.

AND you could finally be... 🙋‍♀️

  • In control of your business and the way the world sees it.

  • Attracting clients who will fall in love with you at first sight. 

  • Feeling confident of your skills to create ANYTHING your business needs.

  • Looking fllyyyyy and profesh as you step out and show the world what you have to offer.

It’s time to feel confident in your brand. 
Take the reigns, create your own change and show up confidently.