It's all any woman needs to inspire her to greatness


Sometimes we all need a little bit of inspiration, a pinch of glamor and a friendly nudge to push us into the next level. To the place where our dreams break their way out of our minds into reality. Sometimes we just need to let go, and Fire Upp!



As working women - whether working for ourselves, our babies or our bosses - we all have dreams and goals. Some small, some massive - all important. But our lives often are over taken with the mundane. We go through the motions of life without stopping to smell the roses. This is why Fire Upp! was created. 

Your dreams, goals and ambitions are priceless. It's time to take them off the back burner and bring them into the light. 

You're in the right place! 

As a fellow woman caught up in the busy-ness of life I know the feeling!
Sometimes we just need to stop, re-align and perhaps take a cheeky second to spoil ourselves. 

Fire Upp! is a unique pack made just for women like you. A pack made to inspire you, love you, equip you and let you know you're beautiful. 


So, what's inside?

Let's get down to business. 

Fire Upp! is a 4 PART GIFT SET for ladies ready to step out of the mundane. Whether it's a gift for yourself (YES! That is allowed - maybe even encouraged) or for your business buddy, favourite client or best friend. 

You can buy each part individually, but if you buy the FULL pack you get a massive discount!


Part 1

A 15 piece inspiration card set. 
Designed, created and printed to spur you on to (even higher) greatness! 


  • Looking after our world: Each card is created with the highest quality materials. Friendly to our environment using the finest 100% Post-Consumer Recycled Card and environmentally friendly inks.
  • Double card, double thickness: This is no ordinary card. Each and every card is thick and sturdy. See those pink backs? That's not just pink ink, it's pink card that's been carefully duplexed on the back of each card. That's right - 2 pieces of luxe card getting cosy to give you the highest quality product. 
  • Original quotes: You won't have seen this inspiration before! Every inspirational word has been written just for this one-of-a-kind set. 
  • So many uses! The uses for these babies are endless. Pin them up on your pin board, sit up on your desk, stick to the fridge, or...if you can bare it, give them away. The blank backs are perfect for writing heart-felt messages to those friends you feel need a little encouragement. 

Card Set RRP: $25 AU

Part 2

A bit of bling - handmade, beaded necklace.
Who among us doesn't appreciate a bit of jewellery?



  • Handmade with love: You won't be able to find this necklace anywhere else. Each necklace has been hand painted, threaded and tied. A labor of love for you to enjoy.
  • Made from beautiful materials: From the natural wooden geometric beads, the Tibetan style antique copper plated spacers to the genuine Indian leather cord.
  • Change the length to suit your look: With each necklace carefully slip-knotted you can change its length to perfectly suit your outfit. From long and elegant to short and edgy!
  • Now in turqoise! At the checkout - let us know if you'd prefer pink/gold or mint/gold/white. 

Necklace RRP: $22 AU

Part 3

Unending files to inspire, equip and plan - a beautiful, wooden USB stick.
Those files you've always wanted. 


  • No ordinary USB: You won't see such a beautiful USB at any old shop. This gorgeous piece of art has been machined from European Maple from responsibly managed forests worldwide. It has been cut from one piece of wood and fits together beautifully with a magnetic lid to keep your precious files safe. 
  • Big enough to really use: This isn't a piddly 2gb USB that fills up in the click of a finger. With 8gb worth of space there's no need to stress about constantly emptying your files off.
  • Made to last: Did I mention this beauty comes with a 10 year guarantee?

And there's more...

The best bit! Here's where it gets really exciting...

You're not just getting a simple, empty USB stick. Each one comes with 100's of files to help inspire you, equip you and help get your planner chick on!

  • Planner printables: EVERYTHING from a weekly planner, to do list, branding checklist, yearly goals, meal planner and an editable monthly calendar. Print at your leisure, as many times as needed, and start smashing those goals! RRP: $20 AU
  • Stock photos: 60+ free photos for you to use for anything! Social media posts, quotes, book covers, photo frames, backgrounds...the only limit if your imagination. RRP: $300 AU
  • Desktop wallpapers: If you need a little more inspiration on your computer the 10+ free wallpapers are going to be your best friend! Gorgeous photos paired with inspiring messages. RRP $10 AU
  • Printable quotes: 10+ perfectly crafted A4 sized inspirational quotes for you to print at your leisure for ever changing inspiration! All in black and white so printing won't cost you a fortune. A beautiful, guilt free gift for yourself whenever you want! RRP $15 AU
  • Business and branding magazine: If you've heard of Toward Mag you'll be excited to hear you'll be getting your very own PDF of all released issues! The perfect resource of inspiration, articles and tips for every woman in business. Click here to find out more. RRP $30 AU
  • Printable inspiration: You've heard of the FireUpp! card set (above)? Well, get the files digitally so you can print this luxe set of 15 inspiration cards from home! RRP: $14

USB Contents RRP: $374 AU

*Purchase of USB at $15 will include these fabulous goodies inside - lucky you!

Part 4

Hold it all together - a hand dip-dyed, canvas pencil case.
Look after all your belongings in the one place.


  • All in one place: I know what it's like, your belongings flailing around everywhere despite your best efforts. This case aims to help! Whether it's your pencils, receipts, stickers, jewellery or cords; keep it all together all while being inspired to Fire Upp!
  • Every case is different: Your pencil case is 100% unique. Each is hand dip-dyed to introduce a pop of colour. Rustic, one-of-a-kind and never repeated. We can't guarantee your pencil case will look identical to our picture above...and isn't that exciting?!

Pencil Case RRP: $15 AU

The finishing touches

There's so much love that has gone into every aspect of this product.

Your handmade necklaces comes in it's own little jewellery bag, your inspiration cards are wrapped tightly in satin ribbon, and my favourite part?

Your hand-dyed pencil case comes with it's own hand-painted, hand-scripted swing tag.

A perfect touch to make yourself feel special or to give as a the perfect personalised gift. Just let me know in the notes section, when purchasing, what name you'd like on the tag and wait for it to appear at your door, or the door of you lucky gift recipient. 

Be one of the lucky few

This isn't a product any Sally, Hannah or Katie can get their hands on! Only 100 of these packs have been created. You'll be only 1 in 100 women across the world holding Fire Upp! in your hot little hands. 


So, what now?

Are you ready?
$77 AU worth of physical products
AU worth of digital products.

All perfectly combined
for you at just $54.99 AU.

If you can't be bothered doing the maths, I'll help.
That's a $397 AU DISCOUNT off RRP.

To be one of the lucky 100 in possession of this Fire Upp! pack click here to head to the store. I hope you enjoy your little package as much as I've loved putting it together for you!